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A country priest comes to Kakinada, finding joy with his people in Christ's Sacred Heart.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Saving Lives in Monsoon Season

"We saved a girl," Fr. Varghese texted on September 24, as monsoon floodwaters peaked. He took this photo (right) in rural Kakinada before the water rose to its highest level.

He described how waters swept through just such a hut while he was out doing rescue relief for locals. He saw a little baby sweep out with the current, from where her mother had left her peacefully napping. Going into deep water after the girl, Father held her above his head and brought her to safety. It was a "special day" for him, Father later skyped to a friend. A day never to forget, when he saved a life.

By September 23, people were "really suffering because of the flood," said Fr. Varghese. In a letter to a friend, he wrote: "For the present crisis in our mission, the great issue is food, even I don't have provisions to eat...the flood is increasing."

People were losing homes and going into public shelters, wrote the priest. He himself set up tents for Mala people who were from another part of India, didn't speak the local language and were displaced from their homes.

"Three children washed away in the flood, animals things, everything, gone."

Again on September 25, Fr. Varghese texted: " is raining. I am very much needed in a flood hit area...we rarely get network. We have rehabilitated another 20 families who lost their homes."

  Friends helped Fr. Varghese distribute sacks of rice and cabbages to the hungry in five locations. Whenever floods come, he helps with evacuation efforts, food distribution, and offers the best support of all -- spiritual uplift though home visiting, daily Masses and the Sacraments.

Fr. Varghese's Honda Hero bike was in a repair shop when floods hit, so a kind-hearted parishioner lent Fr. V. his motorbike to use to reach his people in the worst flood-stricken areas.
Fr. Jayaraj (left) joins Fr. Varghese (right) in giving food to an elder to bring to his people. 


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