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A country priest comes to Kakinada, finding joy with his people in Christ's Sacred Heart.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Keeping Lent in Kakinada and Beyond

Sacred Heart parishioners pray the Way of the Cross
"We all work hard for our missions," writes Fr. Varghese. "Missionaries are always busy. These days I am helping out many priests (with) confessions, preaching, conducting Way of the Cross, visiting families, care for orphans, etc." 
Deepening one's prayer life comes first, but Lent is also a special time to distribute clothes to the elderly and rice to the homeless, and to perform other works of mercy, continued Father. He set up a special blood drive at his parish, since area hospitals have a shortage of blood, and encouraged his people to give alms to the poor. 
In spite of heat reaching above 100-degrees F., faithful proclaimed their love of Christ through streets and countryside, praying and singing. Accompanying and deepening the prayers, were the sacrifices of their fasts. Fr. Varghese and a number of his former classmates continue the tradition of an especially strict Lenten fast, abstaining from one meal daily, and giving up all meat, dairy and eggs for the 40 Days. Father also enriched his prayer life by praying the 33-Day exercises of St. Louis de Montfort, reconsecrating his life to Jesus through Mary.

Pastors take a meal break during a special day of Lenten preaching.
For years, Fr. Varghese has set up blood drives at his missions, to help combat
a shortage of blood at area hospitals.

Fr. Varghese targeted special intentions
through Lent, allowing his beard and hair to grow
 as a sign of these prayer vows.
Preparing for a Way of the Cross at
Fr. Sridhar's mission.

At a requiem Mass at Fr. Baskhar's
forest mission

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